Underwater Cheater & The Newborn | Scissor Bros with Jeremiah Watkins & Steebee Weebee | Ep 3

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The Scissor Bros are back with their 3rd episode and Steebee challenges Jeremiah to an Underwater Competition! Scissor Jacks are introduced, Jeremiah's son is born, and the guys still do the show! Steebee is rugal frugal, they get Korean BBQ and of course make beautiful music together.
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0:00 Teaser
0:54 Starting with Scissors
13:27 New Scissor Brother!
18:00 Korean BBQ
21:33 Rugal Frugal
27:21 Dance Party Break!
28:50 Breath-Holding Challenge
46:48 Steve's Turn
57:32 A Good Sport
58:56 "Steve" by Scissor Bros
1:05:32 Ending with Scissors

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Steve Lee and Jeremiah Watkins are Scissor Brothers!
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