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anyways, guess who's baaack? yes, i am. i promised myself this year to upload more serious and aesthetically pleasing videos but here i am uploading my another crack while my second latest edit is a high school musical parody. what should i say, life choices.

about a video - i worked on it past month because i love how many ships riverdale gives me and also - THE MEMES! this cast has so much memes, there's no way i could not love this show. thanks, lili reinhart.

as it was already written at the end of the video, please do not repost this video on any other social media without giving me a credit. BUT feel free to post a link to this video wherever you want, i love it when people are doing me this promo, it rises my ego you know. also what is welcome - if you post a link to my video on twitter, you can tag cast members. it happened to me last time when katherine mcnamara saw my shadowhunters crack and showed it to the whole cast. it makes me the happiest person when a cast member sees my work so if you tag actors and add a link to my video, i owe you a lot

and now, i hope you find it funny because cracks are always a huge risk for me because i can never tell if it's funny or not when i edit it and when you want it to be perfect and rewatch it like 100 times? nothing is funny anymore.

also special thanks to my best friend ellie who constantly helps me with my every video and especially with this crack.

colouring: mine
fandom(s): riverdale
song: at the end of the video, written in order
credit for "kurt and chernobyl" in intro:


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