The RETURN of Madara Uchiha! | Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - Part 10

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Welcome back to Ultimate Ninja Storm 3! In today's episode, we see the the various battles between Gaara's company and the previous Kage, as well as the return of the infamously powerful Madara Uchiha!

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Madara Uchiha ARRIVES! | Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - Part 10 - Shippuden English Dub

0:00 Intro
0:43 Chapter 9: Fight of the Kage
4:34 Naruto VS. Edo Tensei Itachi
8:32 Itachi's Secret Plan
12:42 Naruto VS. Edo Tensei Nagato
15:28 Nagato is Sealed
19:35 Mu Summons the Kage
22:30 Gaara's Company
25:08 Onoki VS. Mu (Tsuchikage VS. Tsuchikage)
27:02 Gaara VS. His Father (Kazekage VS. Kazegage)
28:27 Gaara's Father is Sealed Away
30:12 Naruto Arrives on the Battlefield
32:15 Gaara VS. the Mizukage
34:41 Naruto VS. the Third Raikage
36:48 Mu Summons Madara Uchiha
38:24 The Return of Madara Uchiha
42:00 The Tsuchikage VS. Madara Uchiha
44:28 Madara Drops the Meteors
46:55 Tsunade and the Raikage Join the Fight
48:48 Aftermath
51:06 Naruto Fights Back Against Madara
51:55 The Tsuchikage's Final Stand
54:08 Tsunade, the Raikage, and the Mizukage Arrive
55:20 The Five Kage Stand United
57:54 Chapter 9 Complete
58:48 Outro

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