The Final Antasma Battle (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team) - GaMetal Remix

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The Evil Bat King finally appears for an all new Mario & Luigi GaMetal remix: here's The Final Antasma Battle from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team!

◆ Gameplay footage by TheHarDeOne (Thank you!)

It's been a while since our last M&L song. In fact, if you don't count the 2018 In the Final remake, we haven't had a new one since the 2017 finale: Adventure's End.

Well we're finally following up that Dream Team remix with yet another Dream Team tune that you all have been waiting for: The Final Antasma Battle! (Yes, it also plays during the tutorial, but this is in fact the official song title. :O)

Along with being the #5 most requested song from the 2020 GaMetal Song Ballot, this song recently beat out several other songs in our first ever Request Battle Tournament that I held on the GaMetal Discord a couple of months ago.

Here's to hoping that, despite developer AlphaDream shutting its doors last year, the M&L series will live on sometime in the future with a new game!

...maybe, perhaps, something Legend of the Seven Stars world related, along with a Geno Smash reveal? Plz? :D?

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