The Diabolical Genius of Ghost: Cirice guitar breakdown

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video contents:
intro: 2:00
verse: 5:45
prechorus: 6:50
chorus: 9:15
solo: 10:45
ending: 21:20

Hey ghouls and ghosts, its your good buddy Uncle Ben with a super SPOOKTACULAR Ghost breakdown!!! Y'all know Ghost and the halloween season are 2 of my favorite things, so how about we mash em up and dig deep into Cirice (Meliora)?!?! In this video, i'm gonna take you on a riff by riff, lick by lick journey through EVERY guitar part in this song, from the intro all the way to that awesome guitar solo! You'll be getting lessons along the way about how Ghost makes themselves sound so evil, including explanations of their harmonies, intervallic choices, phrasing, and more! We're also gonna get deep into the solo and how i transcribed it, which features a couple little mysteries of its own!
Playing my Dunable Cyclops in D standard tuning, into a Boss Super Overdrive SD-1, into the Amplified Nation Ampliphonix and Gain head through my Suhr RL/IR box, which has a killer Ownhammer Marshall IR loaded into it! Delay and reverb courtesy of Logic plugins.
What Ghost sound should we get a lesson on next? Let me know in the comments!
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