The Boruto We HATED IS DEAD - Naruto's Second Son is HERE - KAWAKI Anime The VESSEL Arc EXPLAINED

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Boruto Episode 181 Revealed how the Boruto Anime has finally adapted the Manga, not to far from Boruto Manga Chapter 53. In the Boruto Episode Review we compare it back to Boruto Chapter 16 and explain what was added and changed. We go over Victors betraying Jigen and how Deepa was used to find this out. We also explain Boruto New High Compression Rasengan being taken out of the series so it will not bring any plot holes later on in the series when compared back to the Manga. We also go over the New Boruto Opening Review in the episode!

Allot of questions are being asked like does Mugino die boruto? Boruto episode 182 release date? but the most importan question that needs to be answered is How Kawaki has a Karma Seal in the future during the Boruto vs Kawaki fight. We break down all the theories and explain Naruto & Sasuke's FATAL BETRAYAL. Boruto Chapter 53 went over Naruto vs Isshiki Otsutsuki final moments. Boruto unlocks his Jougan again as Momoshiki, and Boruto stabs Sasuke, yes Boruto Stabs Sasuke eyes, Sasuke losses his rinnegan, YES BORUTO STABS Sasuke Uchiha's Rinnegan in his left eye.

After Naruto vs Isshiki Otsutsuki as Naruto's FINAL Transformation the Baryon Mode, Ishiki summons Kawaki to himself using Naruto Chakra infused in the arm he gave Kawaki. Naruto loses his Baryon Mode and it is still unknown if Naruto will die in this fight.

As things seemed all loss for our Shinobi's, Kawaki pull out his secret Big Brain Tactic, where
Kawaki managed to defeat Isshiki using his Shadow Clone Jutsu, Time runs out for Isshiki, and he is unable to leave behind a Karma before he crumbles to death.

Isshiki is dead, Jigen is dead, Boruto is Momoshiki, Boruto Took away Sasuke's eye, Does Sasuke only have one eye? Is Sasuke blind? Can Sasuke still use his Rinnegan? Will Naruto die because of his Baryon Mode end? Will Sasuke die? Find out in this Boruto Review!

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