The Among Us Rap Battle 1 Hour | #NerdOut ft CG5, Pokimane, Preston, Loserfruit & More [Among Us]

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The response on our Among Us Rap Battle has been insane, and we have reached the 1 Hour like goal, so enjoy our Among Us Song and Among Us Animation!

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Video credits:
[In order of appearence]
Lily Pichu -

NemRaps [NerdOut!] -

Preston -

CG5 -

Pokimane -

Drumsy -

Ben Schuller [NerdOut!] -

Loserfruit -

Cilvanis -

Dawko -

Songwriter/Vocals - NemRaps [NerdOut]

Producer/Songwriter/Vocals - CG5

Director/Post Production - The8thhawk [NerdOut!]

Animation - Paul Kenneth Tongol

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Ben Schuller

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