Sad Boy Loko: Everything Prosecutors Used Against Me Was From My Instagram & Song Lyrics (Part 5)

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In the latest clip, Sad Boy Loko responded to Mr. Criminal predicting he would receive gang enhancement charges. After explaining that the charge adds an additional ten years to a prison sentence, Sad Boy Loko acknowledged that he could have done differently. The rapper talked about losing "thousands and thousands" of dollars and missing out on moments with his children before revealing that no one except his brother knew when he was getting released. He also described the role his social media played in helping the prosecution and detailed how prosecutors present song lyrics during a trial. Despite this, Sad Boy Loko believes he would have won his case if he took it to trial. 

Sad Boy Loko reflected on his time in jail and how it's changed the way he moves. He said he wasn't happy that he went through his experience in jail, but was grateful that it exposed the people he needed separate himself from. The rapper was also excited tor resume his career after acknowledging that he almost lost it. Sad Boy Loko said he has a lot of upcoming music and hasn't even recorded everything he wrote while incarcerated.
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