Reece - Askin’ // (snippet) - OFFICIAL PROMO VIDEO

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Reece Stephens - Askin’

Snippet and Video for the single Askin’

Insta: seecerephens
Tik Tok: steph7033


“Love on the high road,
Can’t find my way home,
& I search for the passion,
Swear it was like past tense,
But brotha they’ve been Askin,
Askin, mmm
Askin, mmm
Askin, mmm
See I Took a step you scared to go further,
Love and happiness always ends in murder,
Photo of you in my coup when I drive,
Blue sky and green eyes,
From liver birds to chasing them little blue hearts,
To not even answerin a damn phone call,
I’m mad confused just like you are,
I guess I’ll stop with the questions I’ll stop askin,
Askin, mmm
Askin, mmm
Askin, ”
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