P'achakuna Board Game Kickstarter Preview & Review | Top 2 Player Family Board Games

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Two Player Board Games
Designer: Stefan Kraft, Moreno Vogel
Artist: Johanna Tarkela
Publisher: Treecer

P'achakuna is a maze building, route building pick up and deliver game that features some really awesome wooden llamas aka llammeples! Players will take control of either the black llamas that traverse the 3D board on the raised mountainous sections and the other player will control the white llamas which travels through the low valley sections.

Players are aiming to deliver a range of 7 different coloured dyes to different villages fulfilling the demands listed on the banners in the village. Players can sell resources to gain more resources which they can use to recruit more llamas or to rotate more hex tiles.

The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect 7 different coloured resource dyes. That player wins the game.

I absolutely adore any two player game that hits the market. With covid and the pandemic, playing board games socially face to face can be an incredible challenge. Two player board games really are a niche section of the board game market.

I love how P'achakuna takes the maze building concept and elevates it to another level. The game reminds me of a childhood board game that I used to have called Labyrinth where the players manipulated a maze to try and build paths to gain treasure.

P'achakuna is a great addition to any family board game collection. If you like abstract games such as chess and checkers, then this game is right up your alley. It has a simple rule set and some really challenging decisions to make.

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