Naruto vs Kiba in the Chunin Exams, Naruto farts on Kiba & beats him with Uzumaki Barrage

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Naruto & Kiba got at it in the preliminary 3rd Round of the Chunin Exams. Kiba is fighting much better than Naruto and is throwing him around with his Fang Over Fang Jutsu. Naruto manages to get a opening by transforming into Kiba and tricking him. Kiba knows who is Naruto by his smell and hits him but Naruto turns into Akamaru and tricks him again. Kiba hits the real Akamaru thinking it's Naruto and hurts Akamaru. Naruto attacks from behind after confusing him.

Kiba attacks Naruto but gets farted at and has to smell Naruto's fart. Naruto uses that chance to do his new jutsu the Uzumaki Barrage, copied from Sasuke's Lion Barrage.

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