Minecraft in Real Life POV 創世神第一人稱真人版 Realistic Texture Pack

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Realistic Texture Pack Minecraft in Real Life POV Minecraft Real POV 創世神第一人稱真人版

Skreeper’s life. For audience his journey is a divertissement but for our main hero its a big real life world populated by top 5 the most monsters: zombies, archer skeletons, creepers, spiders and even endermen!!! They say that somewhere in this minecraft in real life pov Herobrine is
From this minecraft in real life video with realistic texture pack Screeper will teach you to craft lots of different items pov. Many swords, , picks, axes and potions. All effects are realistic. ( mirl )-minecraft in real life pov. You will be able to craft your own tools in real life!!!
this we will see in this video:
Skreeper will also show us his POV parkour skills. Vectorimg from trees to blocks, AWADING DIFFERENT ZOMBIES! Main character will also meet lots of villagers. Some of them will help him and also trade for emeralds. You can earn spesial magic swords and so on.


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