MINE Nights at Freddy's - SENARY SALOON | Night 1 (Minecraft FNAF Roleplay)

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Welcome to the Senary Saloon, the Northwest's Best Western Destern-ation! Join CavemanFilms and AntVenom as they work at the Senary Saloon, a new Steakhouse that has acquired the license from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, making this a new Five Night's at Freddy's!

The Senary Saloon is home to many new animatronics, such as Starlet Chica, Barhop Bonnie, Outlaw Foxy, Cowpoke Freddy and Sheriff Vinnie! We don't just have animatronics, we've got a mechanical Bull based off the fan favorite Vixie!

Don't worry about the salvaged animatronics that have been known to appear Backstage, we've been told from our friendly AI AL that everything is under control! As long as there isn't an outside force sabotaging things behind the

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