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We’re back with Gerald "Slink" Johnson in a fresh episode of Experts React with GTA V Online .

The update introduces Benny's Original Motor Works , a new mod garage in downtown Strawberry that offers a huge range of interior and exterior customization. Along with eight new missions for Lamar Davis , are two new weapons, the fully automatic Machine Pistol and Machete , and a fourth purchasable property.

When you play a new character in GTA Online, Lamar will welcome him/her.

In Online, if the player is male, Lamar will mention that the player is shorter than he thought.
If the player is female, he will attempt to hit on her but will be rejected.
Eight new missions are available for Lamar Davis . Unlike regular contact missions, these form a vague storyline and will first be offered to the player in a set order (although they can still be played out of sequence by accepting invites from other players).

Have you guys played GTA Online? What do you think of this multiplayer?
Slink Johnson:
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0:00 Intro
0:43 Airport
1:44 Racing
1:59 Covid
2:27 Gerald
3:35 Whip
3:41 Garage
4:09 Benny
4:34 Gold
5:29 Gang
6:07 Ballas Tip
6:31 War
6:47 Guru
7:05 Dedication
7:34 Meeting
7:51 Cadillac
8:03 Shootout
8:30 Buff Shoulder
8:44 Explosion
8:52 Bar Meeting
9:23 Gas Station
9:46 Cemetery
10:03 Car chase
10:11 Lots of Eggs
10:34 Another Shootout
11:01 Lamar & Gerald
11:24 Lowriders
11:41 Alley
12:31 Quiet Vernon
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