Kashin Koji Meeting Orochimaru And Tsuande In Boruto Naruto Next Generations!

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The death of Jiraiya was one of the most heartbreaking moments in the Naruto franchise. Jiraiya died believing that his godson Naruto would be the child of prophecy who would bring peace to the world. His teammates Tsuande and Orochimaru lived on, with Tsunade never getting closure with Jiraiya and Orochimaru now having his own family and working with Konoha from the shadows. The story of the legendary sannin in some ways isn't complete. However, in Boruto Naruto Next Generations, Jiraiya now lives on through his clone, Kashin Koji and Koji was shown starting to recover some of Jiraiya's memories before Isshiki defeated him in their battle. However, since Kashin Koji has disappeared and is nowhere to be found, a look back at the story reveals that the fated reunion of the legendary sannin is going to be bigger than expected! Kashin Koji has information on the Karma seal, Orochimaru has been looking for answers on how to stop the Otsutuski clan, and Tsuande's Byakugou seal has ties to their clan via the sage of six paths. All of this put together means one thing, the legendary sannin have a chance to provide the answer for how to stop Boruto's karma seal from progressing past 80% and I'll explain to you why! Grab those ramen bowls for this latest Boruto discussion!
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