It's FINALLY Coming to Quest! New Oculus Quest Home, Fall Guys VR (& SOO MUCH MORE!)

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Quest Update brings New cyber Punk Environment! New Games Coming to Oculus quest and PCVR! Free DLC Content, Minecraft won;t be coming to Quest anytime soon, Oculus quest will not get Echo VR combat, Full guys VR in Rec Room and so much More!

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WalkingDead Onslaught:
Hinge New Horror:
Minecraft on Quest:
Echo Combat NOPE:
Free DLC Vacation sim: -
GORN on Quest:
New CyberPunk Quest Home: -
Fall Guys VR:

Intro: 0:00
WalkingDead Onslaught: 0:10
Hinge New Horror: 2:14
Minecraft on Quest: 3:36
Echo Combat NOPE: 5:25
Free DLC Vacation sim: 6:31
GORN on Quest: 7:11
New CyberPunk Quest Home: 9:09
Fall Guys VR: 10:07
Outro: 11:07

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