I met the Grim Reaper when I was 6 years old ???? Ghost Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

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I met the Grim Reaper when I was 6 years old ???? Ghost Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

Backstory time. My grandfather was a horrible man and he was dying of Basically my grandfather abused 4 of his little girls and ended up doing serious time in prison because of it. He got out early because of his cancer. My sweet grandma, despite all that he put her through still took him in. The rest of the family were very supportive of him during his final days, because he was family and they are very kind hearted people.

My grandfather died shortly after in hospice care and spoke his last words to me. Because I was 6 I had not yet learned of my grandfathers sins. I really looked up to him at this time, and all my cousins still tell me I was his favorite.

After he passed all the families went home to their houses. (Mind you none of us lived in the same cities)

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TRUE Paranormal stories told by people who have experienced Ghosts. From Nurses sharing terrifying last words of patients as they die to Demons who attack Military units in Iraq. Ghost Stories, Bigfoot Stories.
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