I got 100 players to speedrun minecraft

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I legit got 100 players to speedrun minecraft bro, until a hacker ruined it all. They didn't play like dream but they did good. I think they killed the Enderdragon at around 65 minutes lol.

Second Channel ➤ @Fade
Twitter ➤
Support a Creator Code ➤ Fade3

Discord ➤
(this is where you can be in these videos)

Summary ➤ So basically told my discord that in a few days will all be competing together to speedrun minecraft on I told them to look up tutorials and guides on how to speed run minecraft. Told them the seed as well. Some got lucky, some are really bad, some are really good. I think they got the world record slowest speedrun lol. But in the end they all did there best and i wanna thank everyone for comin out and joining us and helping!

Music used➤
(I think i used an OST from him, if not regardless his channel is amazing)
(used a few songs from him, also amazing mixer).
Check them out! ^

Shoutout to the people who helped:

George - Developer
Super- Camera Man
Bryan - Camera man.
Fade (me). - everything else lol.
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