How To Get "Traveler's Chosen" Exotic Sidearm - Full Quest Guide & Weapon Preview [Destiny 2]

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Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals - How To Get Traveler's Chosen Exotic Sidearm - Full Quest Guide, All Quest Steps & Exotic Weapon Preview. Just a quick video on how to get the Exotic Sidearm "Travelerss Chosen" that was added today. The full quest guide for the Exodus: Preparation and Exodus: Evacuation quest lines. I tried to keep the guide as quick as I possibly could, but it's still quite lengthy as there's so many steps. Mostly just simple busywork though. All quest steps are listed below, there's quite a lot of them.

00:00 - All Quest Steps & Guide (also listed in the description)
08:04 - Quick perk run through, and weapon preview shown after.

Step 1: Speak to Zavala and start the "Exodus: Preparation" quest.
Step 2: Speak to Sloane on Titan.
Step 3: Pick up and complete a weekly bounty from Sloane.
Step 4: Return to Sloane.
Step 5: Do the same with Asher Mir on Io and complete a weekly bounty.
Step 6: Return to Zavala, get "The Militia's Birthright" Grenade Launcher.
Step 7: Now go to Mercury, speak to Brother Vance, do a weekly quest, and return to Vance.
Step 8: The same again with Ana Bray on Mars and completing a weekly quest.
Step 9: Return to Zavala again.
Step 10: Return to Zavala again.
Step 11: Speak to Asher Mir on Io.
Step 12: Clear "Sanctum on Bones" Lost Sector. The Taken kills will complete while doing this.
Step 13: Complete "The Pyramidion" strike and get 40 Vex samples (defeat 40 Vex). You'll get the 40 Vex while just doing the strike.
Step 14: Complete the (Heroic) Unexpected Guests adventure accessible on the Io map.
Step 15: Return to Asher, get 1060-capped(?) Silicon Neuroma.
Step 16: Speak to Sloane on Titan.
Step 17: Complete the "Methane Flush" Lost Sector and defeat the bonus boss at the end.
Step 18: Head to the Solarium on patrol and defeat the Hive boss (Savathun's Song strike area).
Step : Continue through to Festering Halls and defeat the other 2 Ogre bosses.
Step 19: Complete "Savathun's Song" strike and get 25 fragments from Knights, Ogres and Wizards on Titan.
Step 20: Return to Sloane. Get a "Duty Bound".
Step 21: Return to Zavala. Get a "Mindbender's Ambition".
Step 22: Speak to Brother Vance on Mercury.
Step 23: Complete "A Garden World" strike. Get 15 items from Minoaturs, Cyclopses and Hydras.
Step 24: Complete "Tree of Probabilites" strike. Get 40 items from Cabal.
Step 25: Complete "Bug In The System (Heroic)" adventure, accessible via the Mercury map.
Step 26: Return to Brother Vance. Get a ""
Step 27: Speak to Ana Bray on Mars.
Step 28: Head to "Mindlab: Rasputin" and interact with the console.
Step 29: Defeat 5 EP bosses. The double bosses in later rounds do count as 2.
Step 30: Complete "Deathly Tremors (Heroic)" adventure accessible via the Mars map.
Step 31: Return to Ana Bray. Get a "Braytech Osprey".
Step 32: Finally, return to Zavala and receive the Traveler's Chosen Exotic Sidearm.

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