[CHEATER SPOTTED] Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 speedrun goes WRRR with TASing Tools

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I was studying current World Record on for DBZ B3 - World Tournament on Novice [0m55s], 'cause I wanted to beat it, but something was "off"...

After several tries and many rewatches, I noticed that loading times in that video were way too short! On a real PS2 console or emulator, loadings usually take ~8 seconds. In this one here, ~4/5sec.
Not only that was suspicious, but current second place WR for this same category is on a Xbox360. You must know that newer consoles take about half of time for loadings, so loading screens that took ~8 seconds on old PS2 console now take ~4 seconds on PS3 and Xbox360. This means that, if two players were to face each other, speedrunning in the exact same way on both sides, but on different consoles (let's say PS2 and PS3), they would end up with different times.
Specifically, PS3 player's time would be at least 12 seconds faster than PS2 player's one, because in this tournament there are 3 major loading screens.
So how could a PS2 player beat a Xbox360 player from a PS2 emulator?!

By cheating, of course. You see, emulators have a speedup feature, that can make games go even 8 times faster than normal. By using that, but not too much, he managed to create a loading screen that fooled viewers.
"Why nobody noticed?"
Well, beside the fact that a loading screen 1 or 2 seconds faster than normal isn't so easy to spot, speedup feature used mid-game breaks the and WR video has no game audio, only music. ;)
This strengthens my theory that his video was actually manupulated during the recording itself.

But how could I prove my theory? With TASing Tools, of course!
I used 'em in order to get the lowest timing on WT and I still ended up with ~55s. The same timing. No human can achieve that, not without help.
So I just went crazy with TASing Tools, mixing up speedup feature into the video and making loading screens actually 8 times faster. My timing at the end was 0m50s55. Counting I lost ~2 seconds from Cell's transformation and prob some more frames here and there, I can say for sure that max achievable timing for this speedrun could be 48 seconds in total (counted from the frame where you select "Custom" to the one where the opponent goes out of the ring).
Adding up loading screens time for original console, it becomes ~1m09s. And in fact, last PS2 timing in the World Record ladder is 1m10s42.

I think my math proves the point, while this video is just for fun and giggles. I was a shame to delete such a ToolAssistedSpeedrun without no one watching it.
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