Cape Town's Crack Crisis Laid Bare (2001)

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Crack Houses (2001): This exposé investigates the growing crack problem in Cape Town, from the squalor and desperation of a notorious crack-house, still operating after several police raids, to the widespread use of youths as young as 16 as carriers and sellers.

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In a well-known crack den in Cape Town, "the Rainbow Nation turns a paler shade of grey together". The dealing is not restricted to poor ghettos either, drugs are widely and brazenly available from polite youths in the most respectable middle-class suburbs. Such is the level of these children's professionalism, that they even circulate price lists cataloguing their wares at school. Drug-dealing and use has become so ingrained in the fabric of community life that few residents are prepared to speak out, and police are seemingly powerless to stop the dealing. "As night follows day follows night they arrive… and stay till their money runs out". Penetrating secret footage from inside these bastions of drugland gives a powerful insight into the growing problem of drug addiction and supply.

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SABC Special Assignment - Ref. 1067
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