Armin NUKES Eren's Founding Titan with Zeke | Attack on Titan Final Battle Animation and Discussion

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This is NOT the OFFICIAL scene from the anime. It is a fan recreation of the manga done by me. I've also added discussion and my own personal analysis on this scene. Please let me know what you think.

I've animated this scene from Attack on Titan's manga, alongside sound-effects and an epic selection of tracks. Hope you enjoy my directing and feel that I was able to bring these scenes to life. My creative process usually stems around the use of paneling first to create a feel for the scene. Then I add in sound-effects and other such additions. Let me know your thoughts on this transformative work. This particular scene is from Chapter 137, which is the latest chapter to come out of Attack on Titan. The motion manga has been fully edited by me.

If you enjoy my thoughts and agree/disagree with my viewpoints, feel free to comment below and let me know your own thoughts on the episode. As always, be sure to like subscribe and do all that jazz!


The final battle of Attack on Titan takes place. As the Alliance fends off the Pure Titans, Armin and Zeke come up with a plan to defeat Eren. Levi tries to fulfill his promise to Erwin, meanwhile Jean, Pieck and Reiner team up to explode the bombs around Eren's titan.

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