AR Battle Belt Set-Up! AR500 Armor

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Carrying first-line gear comfortably and securely has always been the goal of belt system users, and the Armored Republic® Battle Belt meets and exceeds that goal.

Available in four sizes and colors, the AR Battle Belt consists of three parts working together as a system for carrying your first-line load out, from handgun or rifle magazine pouches and first aid kits, to dump pouches and other MOLLE-compatible accessories.

The first part is the Inner Belt, which is worn through your belt loops, and is covered with hook and loop material, allowing it to attach to the Duty Belt.

The Duty Belt is made of durable 2” SCUBA webbing, and securely holds your handgun, reloads, or other standard duty loadout.

The third part consists of the removable PALS-covered Outer Belt, which slides onto the Duty Belt like a sleeve.

These components allow for multiple configurations, making it adaptable to your needs. Together, they create a scalable yet affordable gun belt system.
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